Account Creation and Product Setup

//Account Creation and Product Setup
Account Creation and Product Setup 2018-03-14T18:18:31+00:00

Jark works with our customers at whatever stage they happen to be. Whether you are brand new to Amazon or well on your way to growing a sales empire, JARK brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to all our business relationships.

We take the time upfront to learn and understand each of our vendor’s goals and expectations before we tailor a specific plan to help meet them. JARK can assist with anything from securing a vendor invitation to negotiating new or existing programs, product selections and pricing with Amazon.

We’ll help create and refine Amazon product pages as well as perform catalog audits to promote search engine optimization and improve customer shopping experience.


  • Vendor On-Boarding and New Item Set-up
  • Company analysis
  • Multiple brand positioning
  • Consistent planning and execution
  • Product setup and positioning strategies
  • SEO recommendations or strategies